L.H Piyasena Stainless Steel Company

Be it an office complex, supermarket, auditorium or residence, L.H. Piyasena Stainless Steel Hand Railings provide a touch of classy elegance to any interior designs. Specially designed for optimum strength these stainless steel railings feature enhanced durability, low - cost maintenance and competitive price.
Stainless Steel is virtually "stainless" and withstands the rigours of daily use such as abrasions, scuffs and impacts. It retains its "brand new" look even after several years of installation and use.
L.H Piyasena Stainless Steel Railings provide flexibility of design and are available in a variety to add a new dimension to your d├ęcor.


Website: www.lhpco.com
Email: info@lhpco.com

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