Board of Directors

Chairman/ Managing Director

Chairman Mr. L.H. Piyasena

Mr.L.H.Piyasena is the Chairman & the Managing Director of L.H.Piyasena& Co. (Pvt) Ltd and its 5 subsidiary Companies. He with his long & varied experience in the Construction field leads the team of fellow Directors in deciding the policies and future progress and path of the organization in an ever changing construction arena. He has developed a knack of understanding people and this has helped the company to progress.


Director Mr. Jinadasa Director Mr. Gemunu Piyasena Director Mr. Jagath Piyasena
L.H. Jinadasa L.H. Gemunu Piyasena

L.H. Jagath Piyasena

Mr.L.H.Jinadasa, Director, has lent support to the Managing Director and the organization for nearly 3 decades. He is experienced in the construction sector and is a capable person in the team.
Two sons of Mr.L.H.Piyasena, Messers.L.H.Gemunu Piyasena and L.H.Jagath Piyasena comprise the other 2 directors of the organization. Educated at the prestigious Royal College, Colombo and higher education abroad, these two joined their illustrious father in running the business of the company. They have professional and valuable “hands on” experience in the construction field for over a decade.
The Board of Directors give leadership to a team of experienced and well trained professionals which include Civil & Mechanical Engineers, Administrators, Architects, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors, other technically qualified, experienced staff and a workforce of about a 1000 personnel, of which over 500 are skilled workers of different vocations.

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